Lawn Mower

MODEL: KM840- KUM MUCIT LAWN MOWER FOR: LAWN-MEADOW-THORN-GRASS-TREFOIL CUTTING HEIGHT: Machine can cut greens the height of 1.5-2 meters. CUTTING STYLE: Can be designed with blades or chain. DRIVE SYSTEM: Self-Propelled SYSTEM: State of art differential system for easy operation (ease of turning with one hand) & 2x2 Traction System MOWING CAPACITY: 1-1.5 acres per hour ADVANTAGE OF LABOR COST: 80% compared to hand power cutting of shoulder grass cutter GASOLINE CONSUMPTION: 1-1.5 Liter per hour ENGINE TYPE: Gasoline Engine ENGINE BRAND & POWER: BRIGGS & STRATTON - 6,5 HP LAND SLOPE: 25%-30% - The machine can operate easily without tipping over slopes DIMENSIONS WxLxH: 140-84-95 cm WEIGHT: 150 Kgs WARRANTY: 2 Years
Lawn Mower
  • Lawn Mower
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